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Hi, I'm Monica.
I'm a writer. (Among other things)

“One day, we’ll all be gone, but if you have written words, you’ll live forever.”​ 

I am a freelance writer devoted to the power of words and reading, driven by the belief that sharing our stories is fundamental to the essence of humanity. 


My mission is to contribute to ethical, positive change in a society where the desire to be heard, seen and understood is universal. I firmly believe that authentic connections are formed through storytelling – the narratives we share and the words we choose to express them. As a journalist and copywriter, I am dedicated to bridging the gaps between people, cultivating understanding and providing a platform for the less privileged to vocalize their truths.


I am also well-versed in content creation, social media, search engine optimization, video and audio production, data journalism, and Adobe Suite! 


Begin this journey with me where words operate as the bridge connecting hearts and minds, fostering a world where knowledge is key.

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